Dr. Janice Pegels and Dr. Richard D. Chen

Janice Pegels
Janice PegelsMD
Physician, Integrative Medicine & Allergy
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Richard D. Chen
Richard D. ChenMD
Physician, Integrative Medicine & Allergy
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Barry D. Elson
Barry D. ElsonMD
Physician, Medical Director, Integrative Medicine & Allergy
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Darren Lynch
Darren LynchMD
Physician, Integrative Medicine & Allergy.
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Michelle Goulet
Michelle GouletMSN, FNP
Nurse Practitioner, Integrative Medicine, Allergy & Women’s Health Care.
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Medical Support Staff

Lisa Hall
Lisa HallBSN, RN
Office Nurse and Patient Educator
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Trish Parker
Trish ParkerRN
Office Nurse and Patient Educator
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“These folks have changed my life – no kidding.  Their professionalism, skills and compassion have put me on a path of healing.  For the first time in my entire life, I do not feel sick.  I cannot recommend them high enough.  Outstanding!”
J., Age 39
“With age comes a certain degree of wisdom and lots of experience.  It is my opinion that the entire staff from health care professionals to back office is every patient’s best expectation and hope here at Northampton Wellness.  There are few professionals practicing in the health care community who can compare to the best of the best care received at N.W.A.”
Eleanor L., Age 70
“It is hard to get well! The staff has been very helpful and encouraging. It is good to watch my wife’s energy increase and mood improve dramatically.”
JBM, Age 60